Hypocaust 4608 2592 Brading Roman Villa

The hypocaust at Brading was excavated by Archaeologists Price & Price in the 1880s. Once the excavations were finished it was decided to erect a cover building over the main villa site and a smaller separate building over the hypocaust.

The current building covering the hypocaust is the original structure built by the Edwardians. After over 100 years it is now in a terrible state of disrepair and is unfit to protect the hypocaust remains. The remains are constantly under threat from exposure to the environment and burrowing animals.

In order to help conserve the remains and ensure they are protected for the future, the decision has been made to re-bury the hypocaust alongside the adjoining North range. Although this project may be a simple case of re-burial all archaeology has to be recorded and conserved and all materials used must conform to industry standards.

Our hope is to be able to raise enough funds to bury the hypocaust safely and create new interpretation which can allow visitors to understand the way in which hypocausts worked as well as the process of the archaeological re-burial project.

If you would like to help us to raise funds for this project or any of our other conservation projects please donate.