Why the Romans conquered Britain

Why the Romans conquered Britain

Why the Romans conquered Britain 1800 1201 Brading Roman Villa

This week our blog has been written by Ben And Jasmine


It was over 2000 years ago that the Romans invaded Britain. They wanted to use the natural resources, cattle, gold coins and iron bars. Rome wanted to become richer. There were two tribes in Britain, the Native Britons and the Celts. Caesar invaded twice but never succeeded. Rome had to wait 100 years when they finally conquered Britain and that is how we became part of the Roman Empire.


The Romans were experts at destroying the forts of their enemies and Roman officials lived in villa’s in the country. Villa’s were the centre of large estates.

When the Romans invaded in 43AD they really liked Britain but were not too impressed with the Britons! The Romans built temples to worship their gods, roads, towns and began to teach the Britons how to read and write.

Pictures by Ben age 10 and Jasmine age 8

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