New Trustees appointed to the board

New Trustees appointed to the board

New Trustees appointed to the board 1800 1201 Brading Roman Villa

Announcement of Appointment of new trustees of Oglander Roman Trust

29th May 2020

In February 2020, the Trustees of the Oglander Roman Trust launched a wide-ranging public search for new trustees seeking specific skill sets to enhance the broad range of expertise on the trust.

After an extensive process following the standards set by the Charity Commission for Accredited Museums, resources available from the Association of Independent Museums and consultation with the regional Museum Development Officer, the Trustees are pleased to announce today the appointment of five new trustees and accepted the resignation of four trustees.

The new trustees are:

John Sandiford Haigh, a retired accountant and non-executive director of a number of SMEs. John has kindly agreed also to become the new Treasurer.  For the past six years he has gained a wealth of experience as Treasurer/Trustee for the Helena Kennedy Foundation.

Nicky Hayward has a lifelong background in hospitality and won numerous business awards and a Queens Award for Sustainable Development. She has sat on a number of government bodies and Task Forces with DCMS.

Bella Janson is an independent film maker, soundscape producer and photographer. She has a detailed knowledge of working with large and smaller niche museums with the Roald Dahl Museum, English Heritage and the National Trust amongst her clients.

Liz Wilson brings a history of working in finance in London before moving to the island and running a number of projects. She has good skills in forward planning, fund raising and volunteers and until recently a trustee of CPRE. Having read Modern History at Oxford, she is looking forward to engaging with the Art Council, Charity Commission and industry bodies.

Nick Woodifield, a retired stockbroker, brings the trust great business acumen. He has excellent skills in customer facing; income generation; audit; accountancy; financial management & customer relationships.

The Chairman, Stewart White, welcomed the new trustees and thanked the selection team and also the trustees as a whole for inputs and support provided throughout the process. He expressed the Trust’s gratitude to the four loyal and long-standing trustees, who have now stood down. They are: Anthony Turnbull, Jacque Gazzard, Julian Hicks and John Oglander.

He also thanked Phil Collyer for his service as treasurer and glad he remains a trustee.

The Chairman said that: “the villa is set in a perfect sheltered picturesque location, overlooking the sea, with its museum, education centre, café and shop, all housed in its environmentally and sensitively designed building is a jewel in the island’s heritage. It is therefore vital that this ancient scheduled monument be saved for future generations of young students, archaeologist, historians and islanders alike.”

He also said that after bringing this search to a successful conclusion “we can now focus on our planning the future of this precious archaeological site during its forced closure. We hope to rise like a phoenix from the ‘ashes’ of this virus, with the renewed vigour of these trustees as a small world class villa and museum with our unique mosaics, that bring much welcome relief to the community we serve as a place of interest, well-being and peace.”