Remembering Ambrosia

Remembering Ambrosia

Remembering Ambrosia 587 787 Brading Roman Villa

One of the mosaics at Brading, is believed to represent Ambrosia who was turned into a grape vine to save her from the unwelcome attentions of King Lycurgus.  At Brading she is used to remind us of Autumn, the season of the grape harvest.

Pat Clarke, an Isle of Wight artist who exhibits regularly at Brading,  created a dramatic painting of Ambrosia in her distinctive style. This inspired Joy Cleighton-Hills,  the villa’s previous education officer, to use the villa collection and Pat’s artwork as inspiration to set up a community mosaic project which would incorporate modern materials and techniques to re-imagine art work in mosaic form .  Pat kindly allowed us to use her work of art as a template and using donated tiles and other media, throughout  the winter of 2011-12, an enthusiastic group, led by two volunteer guides, used ingenuity and creativity to do justice to Pat’s work.  Volunteers from  the age of 9 to 92 took part; many of them discovering the joys of mosaic-making for the first time.

The finished mosaic is now displayed inside the visitor centre, where it brings back happy memories and often intrigues visitors who do not know the story of Ambrosia.

Thanks to Helen Jackson for writing this weeks blog.  FBRV Trustee &  Museum Guide