Conservation Projects

Munns Painting Restoration

Munns Painting Restoration 3456 4608 Brading Roman Villa

John P. Munns acquired Lower Morton Farm in 1850 and on his death it was passed to his wife. Their son William Munns alongside Captain Thorp discovered the site of…


Hypocaust 4608 2592 Brading Roman Villa

The hypocaust at Brading was excavated by Archaeologists Price & Price in the 1880s. Once the excavations were finished it was decided to erect a cover building over the main…

Brading Roman Villa

Lighting Renewal Programme

Lighting Renewal Programme 1999 1334 Brading Roman Villa

Museum lighting needs to highlight and emphasise the texture, colour and shape of exhibits whether they are historic artefacts, mosaics or the remaining villa walls. As technology changes so does…