We have over 100,000 individual artefacts in our collection. Many were discovered during the various excavations since the 1880s and they help tell the story of the villa and those who lived here for over 400 years.

The villa was a vibrant and busy place and the items discovered range from farm machinery, roof tiles, imported pottery, coins, fine jewelry, board game pieces and even the lock and key to the front door.

In 2011 a hoard of about 700 Roman coins was discovered in a ceramic pot in the cliff face near Brighstone. The hoard was declared Treasure and entered into the PAS. (Portable Antiquity Scheme.)

Brading Roman Villa was able to acquire the hoard and it it is now on display in the museum.

Other finds processed through the PAS and acquired by Brading Roman Villa include 3 other Roman coin hoards and a 2nd century AD zoomorphic bird brooch also on display.

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