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Remembering Ambrosia

Remembering Ambrosia 587 787 Brading Roman Villa

One of the mosaics at Brading, is believed to represent Ambrosia who was turned into a grape vine to save her from the unwelcome attentions of King Lycurgus.  At Brading…

The Gallus Mosaic

The Gallus Mosaic 2160 1440 Brading Roman Villa

This weeks post discusses the origins and symbolism of the cockerel headed figure in one of our mosaic floors.  This mosaic is particularly special as its the only known one…

Wall Plaster

Phoenix and Peacocks

Phoenix and Peacocks 1315 1001 Brading Roman Villa

At present we are closed, but we hope to rise again like a phoenix. The image of the phoenix has inspired and sustained many over thousands of years and across…

Brading Roman Villa outside view

Why the Romans conquered Britain

Why the Romans conquered Britain 1800 1201 Brading Roman Villa

This week our blog has been written by Ben And Jasmine   It was over 2000 years ago that the Romans invaded Britain. They wanted to use the natural resources,…

Roman Roads

Roman Roads 1024 768 Brading Roman Villa

Thanks to Rene, age 11 who helped contribute to the first Brading Blog. Her topic is Roman roads. Romans are warriors, they fight for whatever they need. Did you know…

Brading Roman Villa

Welcome to the Brading Villa Blog

Welcome to the Brading Villa Blog 1999 1334 Brading Roman Villa

Hello, welcome to the first of our Brading Villa blogs. Over the coming weeks during this time of uncertainty we thought it would be good to post interesting and  fun…